About Salt Systems

So, it is time for a new pool is it? Alternatively, maybe you are tired of buying and storing all of that chlorine for the pool you have now. There is an easy solution, either way: A Salt Pool System. Have you considered it? Hey, you live in Tempe, Arizona and it gets HOT here, right? What better way to keep your “cool” cool than with a pool? A salt-water pool has many advantages over a traditional pool:

1.) Saltwater chlorinators eliminate 100% of your chlorine costs. No need to buy and store
granules, tabs or liquid chlorine anymore.

2.) Uses less water.

3.) Fantastic Algae control. Practically eliminates algae.

4.) More swimmer comfort: Chloramines are eliminated ( what causes the red eyes,
flakey skin, green hair, etc.) It actually has less salinity than your tears.

5.) Can be used with all pool surfaces – no corrision worries.

6.) No more allergy complaints, as most are caused by the chemicals in chlorine.
Have the Pool Salt System installed with your new pool, your traditional pool or install it yourself.

By the way, the Pool Salt System will pay for itself, over time, in chlorine that you do not need to buy and store anymore.

So, head on down to your local Tempe, Arizona Pool Salt System dealer and check it out today.

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